Download a letter with important information about your cervical screen for your gp

Letter for your GP

Thinking about getting your Cervical Screening Test? Select from the buttons below to download a general letter for your GP or healthcare provider confirming the changes to the cervical screening program and explaining why you need a Cervical Screening Test, or download a more comprehensive letter which covers identity, pronouns and requests for the testing procedure.

Sometimes speaking up in the doctor’s office and asking for what you need can be really hard. Thinking about it beforehand and having it in writing to hand over to the doctor before your test can make it a lot easier.

If you’ve had a bad experience with Pap tests in the past, have a history of trauma and/or traumatic experiences with Pap tests, or you want to make sure your doctor uses the right name and pronouns for you, our comprehensive letter includes a list of requests you can select from to make the testing procedure as easy as possible.