about the project

The Inner Circle

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The Inner Circle is a public health campaign created by ACON, addressing the changes to the National Cervical Screening Program. In 2017, the Pap test changed to a more accurate five-yearly HPV Cervical Screening Test. The campaign seeks to shift the conversation around cervical cancer by communicating the changes to our communities and encouraging all LGBTIQ+ people with a cervix to attend routine cervical screening.

By reaching out and having conversations with your 'inner circle' this campaign hopes to:

  • Provide education around the differences between the new Cervical Screening Test and the old Pap test
  • Raise awareness of cervical screening and cervical cancer within the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Encourage our communities to start conversations with friends and family about cervical screening
  • Encourage all LGBTIQ+ people with a cervix to get routine cervical screening. Cervical cancer doesn’t discriminate: if you have a cervix, you’re at risk of cervical cancer.

This project is funded through a Cancer Screening and Prevention grant from the Cancer Institute NSW.